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Pastor Dr.Teresa A. Moton
                            Mission Statement                         

According to the Apostolic faith, we have one goal in mind: to fervently serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through worship. This provides the opportunity for believers to assemble in the house of the Lord. Expressions of worship, praise, adoration, thanksgiving, confession, and supplication are made as we acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit within us and in the worship service. As the worship service is conducted, the Holy Spirit anoints every person participating, especially the pastor who is sent by God to declare his word. Through the word, and prophecy the Holy Spirit convicts the sinner and brings them to a place of repentance and receiving the truth of the gospel as related to the meaning of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This repentance is made known through water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit of God gives utterance


Our vision is to make a positive impact as far as the gospel can reach. To help the lost and dying, the addicted, afflicted, brokenhearted, abused, dysfunctional, rejected, dejected, backslider and immorally sound. To have an atmosphere where families and individuals can grow and flourish in the faith and in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Where people can experience perfect peace that comes from faith in Jesus Christ, and obedience through the Holy Spirit. We must first know that the vision starts with our church, and spread abroad to be a global outreach.

It is our will to feed the homeless by opening soup kitchens, clothe the less fortunate, biblical base teen center, and mentorship programs, to have a 24 hour shelter for drug addicted men and women (Shalom House) and a center for abuse children (Jarius House).  The Genesis program giving ex-prisoners another chance, also Faith for Futures which is designed to strengthen life skills of adult ex-offenders and assist in the development of strategies for increased opportunity during their transition back into society these ministry will not stop at one church we will have a multiplicity of churches, Pastor and staff. Prayer, Purpose, Power, and Possession

Greater Works Deliverance Ministries Int'l Inc.
Church History

Our Dr.Teresa A. Moton, a powerful woman of God confessed the Lord and was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ on October 3, 1982. She was filled with the Spirit of God under the leadership of the late Bishop David L. Ellis of Greater Grace Temple, Detroit Michigan. Dr. Moton worshipped there for 2 ½ years. Later, she served 16 ½ years under Bishop Ellis’s son in the Gospel, District Elder G.L. Harper of Greater Grace Temple of Taylor, Taylor, Michigan. God called Dr. Moton to ministry, early in 1984 at that time her childhood sweetheart Deacon Jeffrey Moton joined her in her spiritual walk, he accepted Christ and received the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. The two united in Holy Matrimony on July 6, 1986. Dr. Moton continued her walk with God serving Him always a faithful member, having many test and trials along the way. Through it all the Lord remained Jehovah Jar rah in her life. God allowed Dr. Moton to operate in many facets of the ministry: as kitchen cook, usher, choir member/ director, bus ministry, evangelistic teacher, Sunday school teacher and secretary. A mentor of the mentorship program, VBS teacher, missionary, alter worker, baptismal assistant, deacons and ministers wives presidents, praise and worship leader, drama coordinator, prayer warrior-intercessor, pulpit minister, woman’s day chairperson, captain of outreach evangelism in Inkster, (through Greater Grace) Inkster Housing Chaplin for 3 years and an employed full-time mother, to God be the glory.

Dr. Moton’shunger and desire to be enriched intellectually and spiritually led her to gain many skills and accomplishments: she received a certificate in Psychology I and Literature from Cambridge Center. She furthered her study at New Hope Christian Center and received a certificate in Counseling. She has received awards for Proclamation Pastoral volunteer from Oakwood Hospital. She also was presented by Honorable Judge Kuraga with the award for Outstanding Christian Woman in 1993. She was certified in 1999 from Aenon Bible College. Dr. Moton was ordained by Jabula International in 2000 by Bishop Tudor Bismark and in 2010 started studying at University of Phoenix. 2011 Aired on Fox 2 for Thanksgiving Feed The People, 2012 Started the Greater Works Deliverance Food Pantry, feeding 30 to 90 Individuals per month, 2013 Proclamation from the City of Romulus and Declaration of Official Pastor Teresa A. Moton Day January 20th, -  2013 Ordained as Apostle Pastor Teresa A. Moton under the Leadership of Dr. Bill Winston, Faith Ministries Alliance. 2013 C.U.T.S program launched. Serving underpriviledge youth ages 7-16 in the cities of wayne, westland, Inkster demby project area. Giving away school supplies, hosting movie and game night. 2014 Dr. Moton received her Doctorate of Divinity from St.Thomas University, Continues to strive and focus on opening youth programs that will build strong, productive, and respectful young men and women.


After she acknowledged her true calling. Not only was our Dr. Moton called to the ministry, but a mantel of prophecy was placed on her life, which now she operates in her prophetic gift. What a mighty God we serve, eyes have not seen; ears have not heard what God has in store for her. Through it all, Dr. Moton never left God’s grace, He taught her through trials that He is an almighty God and that her exalted scripture Isaiah 54:17 stands true “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”. 

Before starting our great ministry God called Dr. Moton to evangelize in her hometown. The door of the evangelistic field was opened through her sister, Sis. Bobbie Wallace. Dr. Moton set up outreach ministries in Denby Center on Hickory Street in LaMone’ Gardens on Pine Street in Inkster, where her husband assisted in funding with the food for the ministry. she led many souls to Christ and many were converted, about 45 or more were baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. Dr. Moton went out preaching the word of God at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Eastman, Georgia. There 18 souls including the pastor and two of his deacons were baptized in Jesus name, and the first Lady received the Holy Spirit in that service. Now the church has been renamed Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Holiness church; we thank God for the call of evangelism on her. Our Dr. Moton received a release by way of Prophetic word from Bishop Hugh Smith while he was ministering at Greater Grace Temple in Taylor. God awakened her one night with the name Greater Works Deliverance Ministries Int'l Inc., after which the Lord used Elder Jeffrey Moton to give her a word of knowledge and confirmation about taking her ministry to another level. she heard God in the month of August the year 2000, to go to her pastor to release her to go to into the vineyard.

During the last week of July 2001 Dr. Moton started the first service of Greater Works Deliverance Ministries Int'l Inc. with only six people in attendance: Sis. Jacqueline Wallace (sister) Samuel Wallace (son), Tenija Moton, Tiara Moton and Temperance Moton her daughters and one other sister in the Lord. Dr. Moton preaches the unadulterated Word of God, in which many can testify that their lives have been changed and marriages healed through her ministry. She has a sincere heart for her congregation and a desire for the manifestation of power, of the Word of God. God has added a host of faithful members to this great fellowship. While at the Quality Inn on Merriman in Romulus we baptized about 48 souls in the Name of Jesus and ½ of that record received the Holy Ghost. While on Beverly Road in Romulus we baptized 23 in the Name of Jesus, while on Ecorse & Merriman we baptized at least 12 and during our transition in Grand Traverse St., Westland, Michigan 219 and 20 souls so far at Romulus have went down in Jesus Name. Our goal for this year is 1000 souls, to God be the glory.

                Since Greater Works Deliverance Ministries Int'l Inc. has been established many diverse ministries have been started. The Highway and Hedges Outreach Program, clothing and food ministry, Ministerial Alliance, Deacon board, Trustee board, Television ministry, choirs, praise team, dance ministry, usher and greeters, steppers ministry, nurse and women of wisdom ministry. Dr. Moton has a vision for this growing ministry- Prayer, Purpose, Power and Possession. On this year, our mission is to continue the love that is shown within the walls of Greater Works and we plan to spread it throughout this great community and surrounding communities. With a practical, yet insightful and charismatic preaching style, she is dedicated to spreading the good news of the Gospel to everyone she meets. Her goal is to have an atmosphere where families and individuals can grow and flourish in the faith and in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A place where people can experience perfect peace that comes from faith in Jesus Christ and obedience through the Holy Spirit. We must first know that the vision starts here with the church and spread abroad to a global outreach.

    Isaiah 54:17

    "No weapon formed against thee Shall Prosper"

    Greater Works Deliverance Ministries International Inc.

    9340 Wayne Rd. Romulus, MI 48174

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